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Face Covers & Masks/Respirators

What is the difference in a Face Cover and a Mask/Respirator ?

Face Cover is a Product that is designed to help you cover your nose & Mouth and help you inhale thru it comfortably while ensuring basic protection is available to you from large dust particles. It does not contain a special filter layer in them. It is a replacement for the commonly available Cloth masks / handkerchief or Cotton Masks available in the market.
A Mask / Respirator in our website means a product that is designed to provide from Moderate to High protection against the many particles such as dust/fumes/pollution/ bacteria and virus. The efficiency of the Mask/Respirator is depending on the quality of the filtration it provides and ultimately depends on the number of filter layers that have been employed in the mask. This varies from product to product and ATcares Level to Level.

What are the ATcares Levels ?

To make it easy for you, the user , we have divided our products into 4 easy to remember levels depending on the protection it offers i.e.
Level 1 -- Basic
Level 2 -- Moderate
Level 3 -- Good
Level 4 -- High
Based on the need of the user, the user can select which category of the product they would like to choose a product. We have multiple products in some Levels also, which are differentiated by the Number of layers in the mask. You can choose based on the protection you want to select for yourself. It is our recommendation that you choose the product that you want to buy, based on the protection you desire. Level 3 & 4 provide good protection whereas Level 1 & 2 provide basic to moderate protection.

How do I choose a Mask ?

To choose a Mask, you need to take a decision on a) The protection level you want from the mask. Atcares provides you 4 levels to choose from Level 1 with Basic and Level 4 being High protection. b) How many layers do you want in the mask. We offer 3,4,5 & 6 layer masks. The higher the number of layers & the higher the ATcares Level, the better the protection in principle. c) Do you want a Printed or a regular Solid Color Mask. Once you have taken a decision on these aspects, please go thru our website and choose the mask of your choice.

How is the ATcares mask different from the competition?

ATcares has some very distinquished features such as
a) The Ear loop has been designed with utmost care to ensure no pressure on the ears takes place with long term use of the product.
b) The Mask size is slightly larger than the size of any other brands commonly available in the market. This is to provide a better protection for the customer in general.
c) The Full mask body is ultrasonically sealed with triple bands on the frame to give a very good life for the product besides ensure an excellent fit on most individuals.
d) Each Mask is Ultrasonically welded at the seams with the same energy to ensure that the product consistency is maintained.
e) Each Mask is passed thru a UVC Sterilisation equipment to ensure you receive a product that is safe to use.
f) The Mask is available in multiple colors or even with printed designs so that the customer feels comfortable to wear it longer for his/her own protection.
g) Each Mask (depending on the ATcares Level) is designed to ensure Good Filteration efficiency of particulates , bacteria and solids is provided.

Why is ATN95 embossed on each Mask ? & Does it mean that all the masks offered are N95 ?

ATN95 is a Trademark registered by the company. It does not mean that every masks manufactured by ATcares are N95. Please refer to the ATcares level wise protection classification to understand the protection that is offered by each type of Mask.

What Mask Should I select when I go to High Risk areas such as Hospital like environment ?

If you are going to go to environments wherein the risk of infection is very high such as Hospitals, Clinics, medical treatment facilities or to areas that crowded where social distancing cannot be maintained, then in such environments we strongly recommend you use ATcares Level 4 or some of the ATcares Level 3 Masks only. Additionally we strongly recommend that you dispose the mask immediately after use in such places. Do not reuse.

Can I wear a Face Cover or Mask while exercising ?

It is not recommended to wear a Face Cover or Mask while exercising. Your body need Fresh air in higher volumes while exercising.

What assurance does ATcares offer for the quality of its product ?

Atcares is a serious manufacturer and stands behind the quality of its product. Our aim is to provide all the information to the customer upfront so that they can decide what is best for them. If you feel that we should add some more information that is missing on our website, please do let us know and we will try and provide the same to you.

Why are some of your products White, while others are yellow, grey or blue ?

It is our endeavor to make the user experience with Masks interesting. We feel that a little bit of color will make it more interesting for the customer. We also offer printed masks in different designs so that you feel like keeping the mask on for a longer period of time and thus remain safer.

Are Masks available with headloop option ?

Yes, the masks are available with Head loop option however these are made to order masks. We generally make them if a large order is placed. Our standard product comes with earloops.

Does ATcares offer any Discounts ?

From time to time, ATcares offers discounts on its products. We request you to subscribe to our newsletter wherein we send some discount codes for our subscribers.

What is an Exhalation Valve for ?

Exhalation Valves are designed to allow heat released in your breath while wearing a Mask to be released from inside the mask while ensuring the filteration efficiency of the mask is maintained while breathing in. It is not recommended to wear a Mask with Exhalation Valve if you are not feeling well, have any symptoms of cough, cold or flu like symptoms as your infection will go out of the mask and can effect people around you.

Can I expect a discount for larger orders ?

We request you to contact us using the "Large Order" Icon on our website. If we can offer a special price to you we will surely make an attempt.

What Is Mask Comforter ?

Mask Comforter is a product, that has been designed to improve the Fit of the mask onto your face. Every individual is different and every individual has a different size head and thus designing a mask for every individual size is not practical. Thus ATcares designed a Mask Comforter that will help improve the fit of the mask for most age groups or types of people. The product gives the customer the advantage of increasing or decreasing the stretchability of the elastic used in the ear loop based on the comfort he/she desires. It can also be used for children to improve the fit of the mask as most masks are too loose for children.

Hand Sanitizer , Cleansers & Cleaners

What is a Hand Sanitizer ?

Sanitizer is a substance or fluid designed to kill germs on skin and objects.

Do alcohol-free sanitizers work?

No, alcohol-free sanitizers don’t kill germs on your hands. You need an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that has at least 60 percent alcohol to reduce the number of germs on the hands.

How long do you rub your hands together when using hand sanitizer?

Rub your hands together for about 15-30 seconds (about the time it takes to sing the Happy Birthday to You song) or until hands feel dry.

How much hand sanitizer is needed to clean your hands?

Follow the instructions on the bottle of hand sanitizer. Most will instruct you to use an amount the size of a quarter. You need to cover all surfaces of your hands, the top, bottom, fingers, around fingertips and fingernails, and rub up your wrist about two inches.

Do I have to wait for the hand sanitizer to dry on my skin?

Yes. Rub your hands together until the hand sanitizer feels dry on your skin. DO NOT wave your hands around to dry them because they will pick up microorganisms that are in the air.

When do you need to use soap and water instead of hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers are not as effective on hands that are greasy or heavily soiled. It is best to use soap and water after handling food, playing sports, gardening, camping, fishing or working on vehicles.

I have eczema, is hand sanitizer bad for my skin?

It is better for people with eczema to wash hands with soap and water, then apply hand cream. Hand sanitizers can be very irritating to eczema skin. If you must use hand sanitizer, apply moisturizing cream after your hands are dry. Avoid hand sanitizers with essential oils as they can irritate skin further.

Can I wave my hands around to dry them after using hand sanitizer?

No. DO NOT wave your hands around to dry them because they will pick up microorganisms that are in the air.

What Is the shelf life of ATcares Hand Sanitizer / Cleansers?

2 Years from Manufacturing Date

Which Alcohol is used in the Sanitisers / Cleansers manufactured by you ?

We use Denatured ethanol as our preferred alcohol. We also have some formulations with Isopropyl Alcohol however these are available only on request basis.

What is the Alcohol percentage in your Sanitisers ?

The Alcohol content in our sanitizers / Cleansers / Cleaners are all mentioned clearly on the label. It ranges from 67% to 80% v/v basis.

Does your Hand Sanitizer / Cleansers kills 99.9% of bacteria / germs ?

We have tested the efficiency of our sanitizers / cleansers and can confirm that our product will kill 99.9% of the bacteria if used correctly.

What do I do if I get a rash or other reaction to hand sanitizer?

Immediately stop use of the product. Please consult your physician if the issue persists after stoppage of use.

Is hand sanitizer dangerous for children?

Our product is designed as an External preparation and can be used for cleaning hands. A repeated use of this product ( more than 4 times a day) can create dryness of the skin in the exposed areas specially with soft skin types ( such as children). We recommend limited use of this product on children. Please test the product on the child's hand once before use to ensure that their skins is not reacting to the product.

What should you do if someone ingests/swallows hand sanitizer?

Hand Sanitisers are made with denatured alcohol and cannot be consumed or swallowed even in diluted form. Immediately coax the person to vomit out the product and contact your physician for additional advice.

What are the certifications that the company holds ?

We have several certifications and we comply to many International Standards prevelant in the market. Our Certifications are shown in the "About Us" icon. Please view them. If you need any further info, please contact us with specific requirements at

Do you also provide MSDS for Sanitizer or Where do i find a MSDS ?

Msds are available on request. Please send us a request on our email ID and we will forward the same to you. Please specify the product you want the MSDS for so that we can provide you the correct one.

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Can i cancel or Return my order ?

Please refer to our refund policy in the footer for understanding Cancellation of an order as well as returns.

Where is my order and how do i track it ?

We use multiple shipping companies based on the size of the package and the order quantity. It is our endeavor to provide you with full information once the package has left our premises. However this is not assured by us. If the shipping company we use, provides a tracking facility then we will provide you with information on how to track the package while enroute. You are welcome to send us a mail on and we will try and track the package for you to the best of our abilities. We generally ship the goods within 4 working days of receiving an order.

Is Cash on delivery available ?

As of today it is not available. We are working to make it available in the near future.